100WC T3W4

Boom! “What was that?” someone in the darkness said. He hopped into a car and drove it to a hole in the ground. He jumped into it but he landed on something soft. He took off his jumper and it was a boy. He looked sixteen. Then he went in a hole that went out of the other hole he went to get some sticks for a fire. He saw a lot of cars lined up but they where in water coming at him and a man he jumped and saved the man but he died.

This guy is having a bad day!

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2 thoughts on “100WC T3W4”

  1. Great job Will good use of adjectives.
    Also good job by making it very interesting.
    But maybe a little more detail would do.
    But well done.

  2. I liked the sudden story change at the end. I also thought that you used verbs and adjectives in the right place but I didn’t really understand the story line, it was a bit messed up with the holes but other than that it was pretty good well done.

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