100wc T4W5

Bang!  “We are running though bomb and stuff like that”someone yelled come here there’s a gap”. “So we ran straight for the gap” boom a bomb hit the gap “know it is much smaller”. “Our pet will not get though with those spotty hair on it”. “If it was a bit smaller it will get though the gap”. “Over there I can see a sword I pick it up and chop its hair off to big still”. Boom “they just shot a bomb oh no here it comes what do we do nothing”. boom! As we fall to the ground.

100WC T3W4

Boom! “What was that?” someone in the darkness said. He hopped into a car and drove it to a hole in the ground. He jumped into it but he landed on something soft. He took off his jumper and it was a boy. He looked sixteen. Then he went in a hole that went out of the other hole he went to get some sticks for a fire. He saw a lot of cars lined up but they where in water coming at him and a man he jumped and saved the man but he died.

This guy is having a bad day!

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