100wc T4W5

Bang!  “We are running though bomb and stuff like that”someone yelled come here there’s a gap”. “So we ran straight for the gap” boom a bomb hit the gap “know it is much smaller”. “Our pet will not get though with those spotty hair on it”. “If it was a bit smaller it will get though the gap”. “Over there I can see a sword I pick it up and chop its hair off to big still”. Boom “they just shot a bomb oh no here it comes what do we do nothing”. boom! As we fall to the ground.


Dan was with the stolen dog on the beach, teaching it how to fetch. Lieutenant said to not let the dog off the rope. Dan said that he was teaching it to fetch. Just then, Lieutenant added that he would tie me up to a tree if I didn’t. Dan went back to a tent and took a needle with cloth, a dice and a badge. He went to the cook and said he needed a dropping in my shoe. That was a lie so that he could get some food for Waruwi. Then Dan went through the bag of food. It went through the camp and came out the other side. Then Lieutenant yelled and some soldiers stood up. Lieutenant said to Dan to drum. Then they walk out of the camp.

Dan#1 1788

Dan came walking back and the boss said “ was that a dog following you”. Dan replied “yes boss”

Then  the boss yelled “come on boys get on your feet we are going to get a dog” Dan tries to stop them and says “ maybe it belongs to some one” and the other guy says” who would it belong to”?

Dan says “one of the natives”. The other guy said “stop!” “What did you hear” said Dan. “A grow go that way” said the guy Dan saw a tree and said Warawee. Warawee jumps down and starts laughing and Dan said “no no you need to hide”. The other guys said got the dog Dan”. Dan said yes and ties a rope around the dog and takes it back. When Dan gets back he ties the dog to a pole and saids to the dog “do not try to get away those guns are full”. Dan walks out “ow!” said Dan it was a rock warawee was throwing rocks at them they thought they where under attack and they got there guns.